Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kachina Doll Crew

Yesterday, while looking for something in the studio, I came across my forgotten Kachina Dolls. My grandma got them in the 1940s from a Hopi Indian Reservation when she was living in Arizona. 

Kachina Dolls are symbolic representations of the spirits of plants, animals, places or ancestors. In Hopi, the word qatsina means literally "life bringer" and can be anything that exists in the natural world or cosmos. The dolls are handmade by the Hopi and Pueblo Tribes of Arizona and New Mexico. They are traditionally carved out of cottonwood root by the men of a tribe and presented to the girls.
To the far right is Hummingbird Kachina. 
I think 3rd from left is Kokopelli Kachina because he is dancing.
Eagle Kachina on the right.
OMG this little guy cracks me up.

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Franksblog said...

I love these little guys! They are so fun!