Thursday, April 8, 2010

Close To The End

My projects in the studio are close to being finished. Well probably not, but closer than ever before. The road has been tumultuous, as I am learning the process as I go.
There was trouble with the pattern I made for the seat back, so I am going to have to piece it together. I am using the same Guatemalan fabric in two different colorways for this chair.
A velvet seat back for the Farmhouse Chair. The front will be in the button fabric.
I layered magenta and red lacquer on the bentwood chair, but now I need to beat it up a little bit. I like my pieces to feel worn.
The blue stuff is rubberized hair. I am using it as an eco-friendly alternative to polyfill and foam. I have to do more research on whether the hair is a more green product.
The old foam seat cushion looks like a giant Nilla Wafer.

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