Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eleven Heavy Things

Eleven Heavy Things is Miranda July's public art installation consisting of 11 interactive sculptures.
Pedestals for Guilty Ones, 2009
The artist and two friends demonstrate.
 Three Hole Tablet, 2009
Two Faced Tablet, 2009
This is my favorite.
 This one is lovely. Like a lace headdress. 

Flavorpill interviewed July about the sculptures and here is what she said: “I kind of appreciate that they’re coming off almost like play equipment or something. For kids they totally are; that’s all they are. I mean, there’s so much, however you’re approaching them. They’re definitely sculptures too — they were made for the Biennial — they’re that. You know my background. I think when I was invited to be in that show I took it very literally. ‘Now I’m going to make some ART.’ Almost like in a cartoon, what art would be. And yeah, of course I had to figure out how to do that in my own way. The fact that I had to make heavy objects that had to be shipped — it’s like, I can’t believe I did that, with all the other options I had.”

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