Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cobble Hill Fantasy House

A couple weeks ago on my way to the animal hospital in the middle of the night I spotted from the backseat a house covered in mirrors. I thought it must have been a dream because I returned two times after and couldn't find the house. Well, the third time was a charm because after walking around for almost two hours I finally found it on Wyckoff Street.

...figures, flowers, words, animals... I wonder how long this took...
 ...tiles, mirrors, buttons, beads, gems, shells...
Check out Susan Gardner, the artist who lives there. 

Gardner says, "One day in 2001 I went outside and started gluing things to the front of my house. I have not stopped yet. My hope was to make a celebratory statement that would cheer and amuse. The neighborhood has embraced and encouraged the project. The joy of sharing it with strangers has made me very happy. The materials include shells, beads, buttons, jewelry, tiles, mirrors, broken cups/dishes and much more."

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Catrinel said...

WOW - love susan gardner's work