Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sticks + Stones

A few weeks back The New York Times featured sculptor Patrick Dougherty's log home in Chapel Hil, N.C. "Dougherty, a sculptor who weaves tree saplings into whirling, animated shapes that resemble tumbleweeds or gusts of wind, likes to say that his first artwork was his house. Built from old barn timber, fallen trees and rocks he dug from the ground here, this rangy log villa started off as a one-room cabin, and is his only permanent work (most of his installations break down after a year or two in the wild)".   
 the artist's log cabin studio
 a handmade stone wall
 kindling doors
 linear twig cladding
even the gutter is made from a log
(all photos from

Here are some of Dougherty's "Stickwork" sculptures... 

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Catrinel said...

amazing! all this wood inspired my new bedroom armoire!