Monday, June 6, 2011

Dream Summer

My ideal summer, represented in photos by John Rawlings.
 I will wear a cute hat so I don't burn my nose.
In my dream summer I am capable of achieving a golden tan.

I will have a picnic. In a field somewhere.
I will also drive a convertible.

 I will wear sailor stripes by the pool. 
I will have perfect hair.
 I will enjoy the ocean breeze while sporting a shiny red manicure.
 I will take a long nap on the beach.
 I will experiment with new methods of exercise and feel great!
Oh, and I want to wear a swim cap too.
I will catch up on my reading. 
Preferably while lounging on a boat deck.

1 comment:

Unconscious and Irrational said...

Lets go to the beach and wear exciting accessories!