Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fragmented Dreams

I am still functioning as a waste of space, and by now I think I have made it on to the all-star team. Trying to convince myself this is a good thing. It's not working. In the meantime I will share some inspiration — otherworldly photos by two of my favorite photographers, both women, one dead, one alive.
In 1981 Francesca Woodman committed suicide at the age of 22. The photos she left behind, mostly self portraits, remind me of eerie fragmented dreams.I think they are beautiful.

"I would rather die young leaving various accomplishments, some work, my friendship with you, and some other artifacts intact, instead of pell-mell erasing all of these delicate things." To Woodman, "living is 'erasing'; dying a way of ensuring that what was will continue to be, of fixing certain things in place."

Deborah Turbeville's photos are romantic narratives, evoking stills from a silent film. I especially love the 1975 Bath House Series shot for Vogue and the similar Steam Room spread from 1984.


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